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Renan França / July 23, 2020 /

How Do You Get Tiktok Famous? 28 Tips And Hacks To Go Viral

TikTok has rewritten how social media works. The app, that allows you to record short videos, in 2019 became the fourth largest social network in the world, reaching a milestone of 1.5 billion monthly users. Its exponential rise among teenagers and the generation Z populace is astounding and noteworthy. With its breathtaking rec... Read more

Renan França / July 16, 2020 /

Chef de cuisine: the unrivaled guide to cook like a pro

Sweet, dry, spicy, savory, creamy, tasty, greasy, delicious, or crunchy. What impression do you want given to the food you prepare? We are sure you want even more than these adjectives used: you want your cuisine to blow the mind of consumers. Cooking could be your passion, and as they say, passion fuels purpose. But you can ... Read more

Renan França / June 17, 2020 /

What is rotoscoping? Learn all about this animation technique (+ course guide)

Imagine yourself watching live-action footage, a movie sequence or character motion, and wondering: “How can I do this in animation?”. The answer to this question can be: using the art of rotoscoping. Rotoscoping allows any subject to be recorded on video and used as the basis for an animated character. In this process, ke... Read more

Renan França / June 02, 2020 /

edX review: is it worth it in 2020?

You must have heard about Udacity, Pluralsight, Treehouse, or even Udemy as there are many platforms to learn online today without leaving where you are. But with several online education platforms, why should you consider edX? Long story short, the platform delivers high-quality free courses to degrees across a wide range of ... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / April 04, 2020 / E-Learning

Treehouse Review: All you need to know

As most of our daily life routine works comprise usage of the Internet, online education options are also gaining immense popularity. Instant availability has enabled us to access information anytime, anywhere. When we talk about online education, there are many options available (infinite number of instructors and platforms), making it t... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / March 24, 2020 /

College courses from the Top 10 Universities

Harvard | Free Online Courses 145 free courses from Harvard Stanford | Free Online Courses 51 free courses from Stanford University Yale | Free Online Courses 29 free courses from Yale University MIT | Free Online Courses 196 free courses from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Berkeley | Free Online Courses 49 free courses from University o... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / March 19, 2020 /

Masterclass Review: Is Masterclass worth it?

Welcome to our Masterclass review. We want to go above and beyond with this article, so you get the very best information available. MasterClass has succeeded in collecting some of the most relevant teachers out there. They recorded a lot of their fantastic knowledge and have produced high-quality courses with it. MasterClass... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / February 19, 2020 /

Rails for Zombies: Getting started with Rails

If you're into programming, you've undoubtedly heard of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails - or only Rails - is an open-source web framework written in Ruby programming language. Rails includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Are you interested in getting started with... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / February 11, 2020 /

Bootstrap Alternatives: The top 36 options in 2020

These days, the number one requirement of any website is to run correctly on all kinds of devices (especially mobiles). For that end, Bootstrap has been one of the most popular front-end frameworks and has been featured in the top list of many developers for designing mobile-friendly websites. While Bootstrap is undoubtedly amazing at wha... Read more

Felipe Bernardes / December 31, 2019 / E-Learning

Accelerated Learning Techniques: 18 Tips for Super Learning

If a learner is going to take a course, they want it to be engaging and, most importantly, to remember what they learned. This is where accelerated learning techniques come into play. They fuel and organize learning so that learners get the most out of the material they need to learn, and they are better able to recall, utilize, and critical... Read more