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How Do You Get Tiktok Famous? 28 Tips And Hacks To Go Viral

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TikTok has rewritten how social media works. The app, that allows you to record short videos, in 2019 became the fourth largest social network in the world, reaching a milestone of 1.5 billion monthly users.

Its exponential rise among teenagers and the generation Z populace is astounding and noteworthy.

With its breathtaking record of active users worldwide, TikTok is easily the platform to reach and engage a wide social media audience.

But here is the catch: getting famous on TikTok is no walk in the park.

The platform is brimming with eager and competitive creatives who are constantly dishing out top-notch viral content. You need to bring your a-game to the table or your content may take the back seat.

But no one savors fading into the background while others maintain the limelight.

So how do you climb the popularity ladder on TikTok? How do you rack up lots of views? How do you reach the “spotlight” on a platform that is buzzing with a myriad of talented creatives?

Well, the answers to these all-important TikTok questions are just a couple of sentences away.

Let's dive in them.

28 Secrets To Getting Tik Tok Famous

Niche And Market Positioning

  1. Develop your TikTok target audience
  2. Your first line of action is to identify a niche that suits your interest, to easily create content with the targeted audience of that niche. TikTok has no patience for dabblers and jumping from one niche to the other will earn you the back seat faster than you can blink. If you feel you have ample humor to dish out, then stick with the comedy niche. If dancing is your forte, then pledge your loyalty to the TikTok dancing community. Just do a specific thing that tickles your interest and stay committed.

  3. Do your research and set your goals
  4. The strategy is the keyword here. Consider getting famous on TikTok a vast project and getting the facts and details that will make your journey smooth sailing and achievable. Define your set goals, identify critical reasons for joining the community, and create an action plan that is hinged on vision actualization. Remember, there is no genuine achievement without a well-defined plan.

  5. Choose famous TikTokers to follow
  6. Once you have identified your target audience, defined your goals and have gotten all your facts right, your next point of call is to identify renowned ticktokers and hit their follow buttons. So what do you stand to gain by doing this? The answer is simple enough, and it is nothing other than tons of inspiration. It is a fact that a little dose of motivation goes a long way in influencing human actions. So please do not shy away from following famous TikTokers, they may help your creativity and give you the boost you need to get to the top.

  7. Do not be a copycat!!! Channel your personality
  8. It is very easy to give in to temptation and imitate another user’s content under the pretext of garnering more followers and views. But this is a surefire way to get shunned on TikTok. What works for Jack might not work for Jane. Everyone has a unique personality and features. So, embrace your own nature and let it shine. Do not hold back and sell yourself short. There’s no telling what might catch the interest of your audience. What you think of as “quirky,” maybe your viewers may consider “entertaining”.

  9. Explore the “For You” Page
  10. TikTok’s ‘For You’ page is the equivalent of Instagram’s exploration page. In other words, it is the backbone of the app. The For You Page is designed to cater to each user’s personalized preferred content. Instead of viewing whatever comes your way on a generalized news feed, TikTok developed the For You Page to suit your kind of content based on your current app activity. It is a goldmine of viral and self-preferred content that you should capitalize on to improve your content and extend your “TikTok” tentacles.

  11. Create engaging content
  12. TikTok has no space for boring and unnecessary content. Another word for TikTok is “fun”, and if you do not have loads of that in-store, your content is bound to suffer from poor visibility and engagement. Be creative. You can transform something originally sober-sided into rib-cracking comedy by making a funny story out of it. For instance: a dance, a movie dubbing, or a joke can be edited into a humor video story under 15 seconds. Take maximum advantage of TikTok’s editing features to spice up your content.


  13. Don’t go buying followers
  14. Don’t even think about it. Buying followers is counterintuitive and fraught with risks. For one, the app might identify your account as spam, which might get you a block or disable action. Secondly, metrics do matter, but genuine ones. Engaging with phantom followers makes you a spammer, and that is a taint to your social image. Endeavor to build your followers organically, and reap better and lasting results.

    Content Creation

  15. Post content, post content and post content on TikTok
  16. Consistency is key to becoming famous on TikTok. Post creative and engaging daily (at least once in a day). Don’t be discouraged if your content is getting low visibility and trust that your efforts won’t go to waste. The TikTok algorithm selects posts with lots of engagement and pastes them on the For You page to be seen by more users. The more consistent you are with content creation, the higher your chances of getting to the “For You” page.

  17. Participate in popular TikTok challenges whenever you can
  18. There is no shortage of TikTok challenges, as fresh ones keep popping up regularly. Key into these challenges and take part in the ones that appeal to your personality and niche. Treat it like a genuine challenge and put on your best performance. Who knows, a certain challenge might be the ticket you need to go viral.

  19. Jump on TikTok trends and add a twist
  20. TikTok challenges are not the only TikTok features you should look out for. There is also an endless stream of TikTok trends that you need to take advantage of. Hop onto these trends and put a spin on it. Create your unique variant of the trend by utilizing a unique concept. TikTokers love to see different options of a particular direction, and if yours should exceed expectations, you might make it to the “For You” page and your followers might go through the roof.

  21. Create quality footage
  22. People are naturally drawn to pleasing aesthetics, and this also applies to TikTok videos. Go the extra mile to make your videos and short clips eye-catching. Make use of good lighting and take extra effort to dress up. Do not film your video in gloomy spaces or under dim light. The truth is: most TikTokers would rather scroll past your blurry or poorly edited videos than strain their eyes. So, it is best to portray a real and appealing picture of what your content is about. A quality video makes for more attraction and higher visibility.

  23. Capitalize on recommended/trending songs
  24. Creating quality footage is important, but what makes your clips even more captivating is background music. TikTok provides its users with the option to add effects and background music to their videos. Now, this is another opportunity reserve that you must tap into if you want to get famous. TikTok always suggests several music recommendations at the editing point. You should take their advice because those are the trending songs that can get you on the road to becoming TikTok famous.

  25. Your TikTok profile should speak volumes
  26. First impressions, they say matter, and the best way to make an impression on any social media platform is through a well-written bio. Work on your TikTok profile, let it appealingly reflect your personality and content. Curate your bio in such a way that first-time visitors will have no choice than to click on your follow button. Give them something to look forward to without trying too hard.

    Bonus TIP:

  27. TikTok has options for creating content and editing videos
  28. There are effects like a Green Screen to show photos and videos on your camera roll. Also, you can add filters, bling effect, clone yourself, and so much more. To find effects, click on the bottom left where it says “effects” when shooting the video, or you can add some effects after you shoot the video.

    Gaining Followers

  29. Use Trending Hashtags in your TikTok Captions
  30. Hashtags serve as a compass on most social media platforms, TikTok inclusive. It helps users find specific videos and content that they are interested in. It acts as a visibility booster. It will help your videos gain more visibility and audience. If you use content-specific and broad niche hashtags when posting your videos, users may happen upon your clips when they search topics, challenges, or trends related to the hashtags. This will get more people to like and engage with your content.

  31. Leverage on YouTube compilation channels
  32. YouTube compilation channels collect popular TikTok videos and change them as a single compilation. You can leverage this to reach a wider audience and gain more popularity. There are several YouTube compilation channels you can reach out to. You can send convincing messages to these accounts or start a conversation under their videos. You can also link your videos in their comments section. Just be smart and strategic in your approach, and a YouTube video compiler may work with you.

  33. Be the first to comment on popular TikTockers Videos
  34. Remember how you followed popular TikTokers when starting out for inspirational reasons? Well, this can serve another purpose. Famous TikTokers can also double as your conduit to visibility. How? By commenting on their posts as soon as they drop. TikTok’s algorithm places top comments on the visibility board. You don’t have to try too hard when typing comments. Write something relatable to the posted video, or ask other users to visit your page.

  35. Share your videos on other Social media platforms
  36. It is called cross-promotion. TikTok makes video sharing super easy. You can easily download your videos and share them to other social media platforms. This mainly works to your advantage if you have a solid follower base on other platforms. You can move followers from another platform to your TikTok account when you repost your TikTok videos. But you have to be convincing. Truth to be told: not everyone will follow you just because you ask them to.

  37. Interact with other TikTok users
  38. Healthy interactions hurt no one. They open doors of opportunities. If you want to get famous on TikTok, you don’t have time to be shy or introverted. Be generous with comments and likes on other user’s videos. This has a reciprocal effect; if you comment on posts, they are bound to return the gesture. And the result? More visibility, more followers, and more traction.

  39. Collaborate with other TikTok Users
  40. TikTok interaction does not end with likes and comments. You can take it a step further by collaborating with your friends or users who have a more extensive fan base. Reach out to them politely and ask them to tag your account on their posts. Appeal to their benevolent spirit by telling them you need followers and more visibility. You can collaborate by making funny skits together or performing a duet. Put heads together and come up with something sure to garner lots of attention.

    Bonus TIP:

  41. Use Livestream videos to interact with followers in real-time
  42. The Livestream feature is another excellent way to interact with other users while gaining more visibility. The TikTok app allows you to film a live video to engage with your followers instead of directly posting pre-recorded content. However, this feature is strictly limited to users with 1000 followers and above. If you fall within this category, take maximum advantage of the Livestream feature as most users love to have a real connection with the people they follow. It also opens up a great communication channel between you and your audience.

    Going Viral

  43. Make 15-second videos
  44. In other words, create and post short videos. TikTok normally allows users to share videos that are a minute long, but most videos on the app are within the 15 seconds range. The point is, people engage better with shorter videos straight to the point and highly entertaining. Shorter videos have great rewatch value. Compared to longer videos, it is easier for users to watch repeatedly. But this isn’t meant to discredit the use of long video clips; you can make longer videos as long as they are captivating and juicy enough to re-watch.

  45. The first few seconds are key
  46. You should totally bear this in mind when creating either short or long videos. The first few seconds are crucial to keeping your viewers enthralled. In essence, you have to make the opening part of your video enticing enough to captivate your audiences’ attention. A boring opening will have users scrolling past your clip without a second glance.

  47. Use lip-sync karaoke TikTok: a key to vitality
  48. Lip-syncing has got to be one of TikTok’s most used features. This isn’t surprising considering its ease of use and tendency for virality. Yes, lip-syncs are one of the ultimate viral trends on TikTok. Simply moving your lips in symphony to the rhythm of a song or voice over can get you on the “For You” tab before you can say, Jack Robinson. For maximum effect, use a trending song for your lip-sync.

  49. Study TikTok hashtags
  50. Again: hashtags are the bread to the butter of TikTok. If you want more exposure, you need to capitalize on it. In fact, it is counterproductive to share videos on TikTok without them. Using hashtags on TikTok is important, but what is more important is using the right one. You need to research and insert some that will add value to your content and help you gain traction. Highlight hashtags popular within your niche and on the app. Stick to simple, catchy, and short ones. Landing the right hashtags can make your videos go viral.

  51. Launch your own hashtag
  52. You don’t have to limit yourself to existing hashtags. You can customize your own hashtags to match your content. If you specialize in making cooking tutorials, create a special hashtag specific to you and your art, say for example #cookingwithxyz. Be consistent in using your personalized hashtag alongside TikTok generated hashtags on all your posts. Users who previously liked your videos are more likely to watch your recent videos when your custom hashtag pops up.

  53. Create “easy to replicate” challenges
  54. While it is good to jump on existing TikTok challenges, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create your own unique challenges, especially when you are looking to go viral. Dig into your inner creativity and create a challenge that is riveting and easy to imitate. If your challenge hits the attention chords, you will go viral in no time.


  55. Become a TikTok meme
  56. TikTok memes are the perfect attention stimulants. You can easily create your personalized memes by imitating specific actions and adding a dash of humor. Your meme should be symbolic and theme-oriented, such that other users can easily relate to it and take the incentive to replicate the meme. A meme can quickly go viral once it hits the right tracks. To put it: a viral Meme Can Be Your Popularity Trump Card.

    Best Courses To Get Tik Tok Famous Fast

    Several courses teach people how to climb the popularity ladder on TikTok. Here are some courses you can take to accelerate your TikTok journey.

    How to go viral on TikTok in 2020

    If you want to learn how to go viral on TikTok from a professional standpoint, this course is for you. The course curriculum focuses on teaching students the principles and methods of TikTok marketing. It targets aspiring TikTok influencers and marketers. You also get a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

    TikTok Followers Growth: The Complete TikTok Guide for 2020

    This course is a complete and well-defined TikTok module that encompasses a guide to sustainable followers growth, niche positioning, understanding the TikTok algorithm, and TikTok financial know-how. Courses are taught via on-demand videos. You also get a certificate upon completion.

    TikTok for Artists

    This is a specialized course that teaches the essential components of the TikTok app. Students are taught how to use the app, create and edit engaging videos, how the algorithm works, and grow a TikTok audience easily and quickly. It is comprehensive, easy to understand, and results-driven.

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    This is another in-depth TikTok guide that teaches TikTokers everything they need to know about getting famous. It teaches students viral content creation, visibility tactics, TikTok branding and marketing, growth hacking strategies, and every other trick in the book that can make one a TikTok “celebrity” with lots of engagement and visibility.

    These courses are hosted in e-learning platforms such as Skillshare, and Udemy. If you want to know more about each of them, you can check our reviews.

    Can You Make Money On Tiktok?

    TikTok is famous for its extensive reach, and it is easy to assume that this comes with tons of monetary benefits. But this is not the case. TikTok does not provide an avenue for generating direct income from the app, not even for its top famous content creators. However, famous TikTokers leverage an enormous fan base to cop sponsorship deals and collaborations with brands.

    Who Are The Tiktok Stars?

    You guessed right! TikTok stars are the top TikTok content creators with millions of followers and views. These are the celebrities of TikTok who have raised the TikTok bar, who command attention with a consistent flow of entertaining content. Find below, the top 3 renowned TikTok stars.

    Charlie D’ Amelio

    16-year-old Charlie is famous for her peculiar dance videos on TikTok. She posted her dance videos for the first time in 2019 and became the most followed TikToker on March 25, 2020. She now has a whopping 71 million followers to her name and about 5 billion likes.

    Addison Rae

    It will appear that dancing is winning hearts on TikTok. Addison is another TikTok dancer with tons of followers and likes. The talented dancer has over 50 million followers and over 2 billion likes. This makes her the second most followed person on TikTok.

    Zach King

    Zach has dutifully earned his name as the king of “magic vines.” Also a YouTuber and a former vine video maker, Zach is TikTok’s 6 seconds magician. He is famous for his digitally edited magic clips where he theatrically performs magic. Zach uploaded his first TikTok video in 2016 and has gained over 45 million followers.

    How Much Do Tiktok Stars Make?

    You will be surprised to know that TikTok is a goldmine for its famous influencers and stars. While they don’t directly make money from TikTok itself, they rake in vast amounts of money from top brand collaborations and paid partnership deals. Brace up for the figures.

    Research by an online casino revealed that TikTok stars can earn as much as $200,000 for a 1-minute post. That’s some fortune right there. And it doesn’t even end there. It is predicted that they would negotiate 1 million-dollar deals per post with high ranking brands shortly. Now, this is enough motivation to become TikTok famous!!

    Instagram VS TikTok: Which is the better choice and why?

    The two social media apps are often pitted against each other in terms of popularity, influencer marketing, and downloads. The fact is: Instagram wins by a slight margin in terms of downloads with over 1.8 billion downloads globally.

    TikTok follows closely with over 1.5 billion downloads, and it is projected to surpass Instagram soon.

    Instagram also tops the charts for influencer marketing with over 1.7 billion dollars influencer marketing revenue. But TikTok is fast catching on to the influencer market as it is gaining lots of popularity with top brands by the day.

    As to the question of which is better, this largely depends on social needs and interests. User-wise, the two apps appeal differently to different people as it boils down to preference. Influencer marketing-wise, it comes down to marketers to decide on the platform that best suits their marketing needs.

    Tiktok For Business: How To Use Tiktok To Promote Your Business

    If you play your cards right, you can take advantage of TikTok’s massive audience to promote your brand and business.

    The app has developed over the years to include a monetization platform for business owners. It even has the TikTok for business website and has incorporated different paid advertising strategies.

    But it is imperative to use this opportunity properly to avoid marketing mishaps and poor outcomes. For starters, TikTok differs from every other platform, and the in-app workings also vary. So how do you promote your business on TikTok?

    How to promote your business on TikTok

    You shouldn’t delve into the platform with a business-oriented motive.

    You need to study the platform to get an overall idea of what works and what doesn’t, regard content and user interaction.

    Generally, TikTok is a fun place that thrives on visually engaging content. It is also widely used by people aged between 16-24 years old. So, you need to tailor your business content to fit in with these characteristics.

    TikTok isn’t the place for serious sales pitches; you need to incorporate witty and fun elements into your content.

    However, you shouldn’t overdo it. Don’t create silly videos that misrepresent your brand. Let your business values shine through your content.

    Also, use the different TikTok advertising mediums and work with TikTok influencers if you can for better coverage.

    Best Courses To Use Tiktok To Promote Your Business

    Here are some courses you can take to gain insight into promoting your business on the TikTok platform.

    Complete TikTok Marketing Course for Business TikTok habits

    This is a certified course that seeks to teach and impact TikTok marketing habits and promotional skills. The course curriculum is centered around digital marketing and general TikTok techniques. Teaching methods include a 19-hour on-demand video, two articles, and a downloadable resource.

    TikTok for Business

    This course targets small business owners and entrepreneurs who have a limited budget to market their business on TikTok. It teaches creative marketing in a simple, unsophisticated way. It will show you how to navigate a business account on the platform and how to incorporate creative elements into your business clips to attract massive visibility.

    TikTok Marketing For Beginners - TikTok Ads Marketing Guide

    This is the perfect course for TikTok marketing newbies. It will teach you how to determine the suitability of the platform for your business. It will guide you in using TikTok marketing tools and show you how to use them effectively. It aims to help you attain your marketing goals with ease.

    If you want to learn other skills to promote your business, check out our search engine tool.


    TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame is applaudable, and from all indications, it is determined to sustain this growth for years to come.

    The app can be the get-way to growth and business opportunities. It can be a fortune field for people willing to tap into its endless stream of attention generating features. It is also a platform that breeds unexplored talents and showcases them to the world.

    TikTok provides ample accommodation for different classes of people: fun lovers, fame-seekers, the talented creatives, and the business-minded individuals.

    So, regardless of your goals and reasons for joining the app, we hope this detailed TikTok guide provides you with a soft landing into the land of humor and massive opportunities.

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