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Mindvalley reviews: is it worth it in 2021?

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We have all had our fair share of low-energy days, days when getting out of our own beds seems like a herculean task.

On days like this, you may find yourself dwelling on everything that is supposedly wrong in your life; the endless goals you are nowhere near realizing, the failed pursuits, the missed opportunities, and everything you could have done right but didn’t.

However, focusing on personal development and growth can improve the quality of your life and rescue your self-worth from the exhausting web of detrimental self-criticism. And this is what Mindvalley as a platform seeks to achieve: to help individuals uncover their true human potential and live healthier and happier lives.

While the majority of online learning platforms only offer courses that target career and professional development, Mindvalley takes on a different but transformative path that centers around courses that promote personal development and growth.

Mindvalley gives individuals the room to zone in on areas of their lives that often get caught up in a busy work routine or a demanding life. These include diet, mindfulness, relationships, fitness, and stress management. With Mindvalley, you get access to online programs, e-books, channels, real-life events, and applications that teach you to become a better and healthier version of yourself.

This trailblazing learning platform has been featured in notable online publications like Forbes, BBC, and Inc. magazine, to mention a few. Further to this, it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on several closed complaints within the past four years.

But critical acclaim aside, is taking Mindvalley courses really worth it? Does it generate the promised worth for your time and money? Are the Mindvalley courses for everyone? Should you or should you not enroll in their courses?

The answers to these questions and more are embedded in this Mindvalley review. See below what you’ll find in this article:

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What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online university that targets transformation education. It is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, with over 300 employees from 59+ countries. This remarkable online university was born out of the need to correct the lapses in the traditional education system ─ which primarily focuses on career development and relegates personal development to the background.

Typically, schools rarely teach courses that incorporate self-awareness, mindfulness, or relationships. And even when they do, the courses are usually half baked or made optional. In essence, we spend a good portion of our lives learning how to attain career actualization while we learn next to nothing about living a good quality life or how to improve the quality of our life experience.

To right this “human” wrong, Mindvalley created an avenue that teaches individuals the beauty of living a fulfilling and vibrant life in a healthy, energetic, and exuberant body. To teach the modalities of personal development and growth, the platform employs about 24 value-packed courses taught by prolific educators using state-of-the-art technology.

Some of these courses are free, while the premium courses have fixed prices attached to them. The cost of each course differs as pricing is based on; the length of the course, the mode of learning, and the inclusion of a completion certificate and physical materials.

And we can’t but mention that this unprecedented learning platform was founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani — an entrepreneur, speaker, activist, and author.

Why is Vishen Lakhiani famous?

Famous people are often celebrated for making an “impact,” and Vishen Lakhiani embodies this narrative. But when the young Kuala Lumpur native set out to pursue his own not-so-conventional dreams and saw this to fruition, he didn’t just make an impact but also made a revolutionary change.

Having experienced and observed the gaps in the customary educational system, Vishen knew he had to bridge that gap. Today, Mindvalley , a global self-development company, is the product of a young man’s tenacity to carve out a different educational future for the world ─ that transcends the four walls of a classroom.

He has successfully united the world’s top educators under a single platform, teaching humanity how to live quality lives through personal transformation. But there is no end to Vishen’s well-meaning drive and ambition; recently he authored a self-help book titled "The Code for the Extraordinary Mind" which earned the revered New York Times and Amazon bestselling title.

A known "consciousness globetrotter," Vishen has and is still traveling the world, impacting millions of people along the way ─ by speaking on personal transformation, company culture, and unity.

So why is Vishen Lakhiani famous? You have your answer right there.

Who are Mindvalley courses for?

The Mindvalley courses are designed to cater to individuals looking to improve themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is for anyone seeking to become better in every aspect of their life. It is for those seeking to attain self-awareness, self-identity, and a positive mindset. Ultimately, it is for individuals who want to live vibrant, happy, and fulfilling lives.

In today's fast-paced world, we are constantly under pressure to succeed in our careers and ace our personal lives as well. We hold ourselves to impossible standards and expect to be in top form every day. But nobody taught us in school how to strike a healthy balance between the state of our mind and our physically exhausted bodies, so nothing prepares us for the emotional and mental meltdowns that accompany a demanding life.

Now, this is where Mindvalley courses come in. They give you a sense of direction and purpose. They equip you with the mental and emotional resources to chase your dreams unapologetically while maintaining a healthy mental rhythm. Basically, they help you figure out your life.

With the mind and soul courses, you can reset your mindset to take in positivity and connect with your inner world — to reach a place of calm, peace, and clarity. With the body courses, you will learn to live a healthy life without the need for strict diets or back-breaking exercises. And the performance, work, and entrepreneurship courses will ensure you stay at the top of your career game.

Not to mention the relationship and parenting courses that will help you maintain the best emotional and human connection with your loved ones and kids. So yes, this is a complete "quality-life package" that everyone deserves to benefit from.

The price of Mindvalley courses

Free courses

These courses are absolutely free of charge. Talk about getting a life-altering empowerment for free. They are available every week and air for about 60-90 minutes.

Individual courses

Explore all Mindvalley courses.

Mindvalley Membership

The Mindvalley Membership is a course subscription plan that makes 30+ quests accessible for a too-good-to-be-true low annual or monthly fee. With this plan, you get unlimited access to virtually all Mindvalley courses for a fraction of the cost. Amazing, right?

How is the Mindvalley Membership better than just enrolling in Quests separately?

The All-Access fee is only $499 per year (or $99 per month), which cuts the cost of accessing all Mindvalley catalog to around $2 a day. Considering that an individual quest costs $199 to $499, this is a "you absolutely have to grab this" offer — Why pay for a single quest when you can access a ton of quests for almost the same price?

And here is the cherry on top — you get a 10-day risk-free trial to gauge the nature of the courses and learning structure.

How do I choose the Quests I want to take?

Upon confirming your subscription, you will be given access to the entire Mindvalley quest library so you can make your choice. To make this even easier, a 22-minute life assessment test is included in the curriculum. The test will uncover the areas of your life that need utmost attention and improvement. You can then select the quests that complement your assessment results.

How Do I Cancel or Get a Refund if I’m not satisfied?

Different strokes for different folks — The Mindvalley courses may not just be your cup of tea, and you may only realize this after subscribing. But no need to panic about your hard-earned money going to waste because Mindvalley offers a considerate 15- day money-back guarantee.

If you are certain the courses are not for you, simply navigate to the Mindvalley refund page, where you will find a refund form. Fill the details therein and submit. You will receive an email a few days later confirming the success of your refund. However, the money may not reflect in your account until 5 business days later.

Mindvalley Masterclass

The Mindvalley masterclass courses are different from the regular quests. For one, it involves the use of webinars and workbooks and is accessible for free — the free masterclasses span between 1-1.5 hours.

The masterclasses are taught via webinars based on a scheduled time and date. The structure and time frame allow for learning convenience; if you miss a class, you can get a re-play. The workbook, which comes up as a link (to be downloaded) serves as a comprehensive guide for the masterclass.

Mindvalley Masterclass courses

Below are some Mindvalley masterclass courses:

  1. Be Extraordinary with Vishen Lakhiani
  2. Unlocking the Healing Powers of Your Chakras with Anodea Judith
  3. The Genius Formula with Robin Sharma
  4. Discover Your Life Purpose with Michael Beckwith
  5. Be a Powerful Communicator with Lisa Nichols
  6. Unlocking Lucid Dreaming with Andrew Holecek
  7. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy With Marisa Peer
  8. The Path Towards Self Awakening with Neale Donald Walsch
  9. Unlock Your Super Brain with Jim Kwik
  10. Rapid Biohacks for Exceptional Health with Ben Greenfield

Mindvalley course trainers

Teachers play an essential role in education. With Mindvalley, you get the best of everything; courses and trainers alike. The Mindvalley course trainers are some of the world's best leaders, healers, authors, and activists who are united by a single goal; to teach humanity the beautiful art of living a quality life. Let's meet some of these professionals:

  • Vishen Lakhiani: New York Times and Amazon best-selling author and founder of Mindvalley;
  • Lisa Nichols: Motivational speaker and influence expert ;
  • Jon & Missy Butcher: Entrepreneurs and founders of Life Book;
  • Marisa Peer: UK's #1 therapist and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy;
  • Michael Beckwith: Spiritual teacher, author, and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center;
  • Ben Greenfield: Author, biohacking and fitness Expert;
  • Marie Diamond: Global transformational teacher and Feng Shui master;
  • Neale Donal Wash: Author of the highly-rated book series "The Conversations with God";
  • Steven Kotler: 3x New York Times best selling author, peak performance expert & Co-founder of the Flow Genome Project;
  • Robin Sharma: Seasoned leadership expert, advisor to Business Titans & Humanitarian;
  • Eric Edmeades: Creator of Wildfit;
  • Emily Fletcher: Meditation instructor for Google, founder of Ziva Meditation;
  • Katherine Woodward Thomas: Author of conscious uncoupling;
  • Srikumar Rao: Top MBA lecturer;
  • Dr. Shefali Tsabari: Founder of Conscious Parenting;
  • Jen Ken Honda: Japan's 'Zen millionaire';
  • Dr. Michael Breaus: The seasoned Sleep Doctor;
  • Naveen Jain: Entrepreneur & philanthropist;
  • Alan Watts: The legendary philosopher.
  • Jim Kwik: Brain performance expert;

Mindvalley course category

The Mindvalley courses are categorized into eight programs. Each category has a set of quests that encapsulates the mother-program.

  1. Mind — courses or quests within this category detail the act of refining the mind to attain a positive mindset along with rehabilitating individual core values and beliefs.
  2. Performance — This section has courses that improve efficiency and competence that is needed to perform optimally and at top speed.
  3. Body — Consists of courses that address health and fitness goals. You will learn how to stay in shape without the need for fad/regimented diets or extreme exercises.
  4. Soul — Has quests that take you on a journey of the inner self. You get to reconnect with your inner world to attain absolute tranquility and clarity.
  5. Work — If you are looking to take charge of your workspace through influence, persuasion, and top-notch communication skills, then the quests within this program are for you.
  6. Entrepreneurship — the key to actualizing a successful self-driven career lies within the quests in this program. You will learn how to improve your entrepreneurial prospects.
  7. Relationships — Contains courses that teach emotional bonding, communication, empathy, compassion, and sexual fulfillment. All of which are the foundations that lead to better relationship life.
  8. Kids, Teens, and Parenting — These courses simplify parenting. You will learn how to enact the best foundation for the life-long growth and success of your kids. Basically, you will learn how to become "the best parent there is."

What is the Mindvalley course structure?

Most of the Mindvalley courses follow a straightforward structure with videos as the major teaching medium. Students are given a video-based lesson each day along with class activities. The video quests usually last for 30-45 days, and the lessons are mostly 10-20 minutes long, so it won't take much of your time, and you can easily fit it into a tight schedule.

The seasoned instructors in the videos give a detailed and comprehensive lecture on the topic and then give out exercises or class activities at the end of the lesson. This way, you are fully involved in the learning process and not just a spectator.

Additionally, you will be linked to a group of Facebook users who are also taking the same quests; so, you can all share thoughts, ideas, problems, and connect. Plus, you may also get additional learning materials depending on the quest you are taking.

How is the Mindvalley Quests different from other online training courses?

Mindvalley's quests combine neuroscience, speed learning, and core performance techniques to merge the brain and the mind — The courses simultaneously empower the brain and the mindset. Also, you only have to spare 10-20 minutes of your time each day to keep up with the lessons.

Can you complete a Quest at your own pace and convenience?

Absolutely!. Although the Mindvalley quests are designed to be taken daily as a community, learning at your own pace and convenience won't detract from the overall knowledge value. The most important thing is to remain consistent and committed to completing the entire curriculum.

What if you can't start a Quest on the stipulated class start day?

Simple enough — you can commence classes on a date that is more convenient for you. Each program holds multiple times in a month. So you can choose any class start date of your choice and view the number of students enrolled in that specific class. You can also re-take any quest or class at any time.

Does Mindvalley have a mobile app?

Yes, they do, and it is every inch "superb"! Mindvalley has a well thought out app that is easy to navigate. You can install the app on your phone or laptop and follow the lessons seamlessly — there is hardly any glitch to complain about.

Mindvalley course quality

You can't expect anything less than prime quality from courses that are taught by skilled, practiced, and talented educators. In fact, if there is anything that stands out about Mindvalley, it is the course quality.

The beauty of Mindvalley is the course versatility. There are so many captivating topics that are geared towards self-improvement; Meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, love life, parenting, fitness, healing — you name it, and Mindvalley will deliver.

But more than this, the expert course trainers don't just teach or lecture — they teach lessons that are applicable to real-life. Each video is a one-way ticket to a better life, and you will find yourself evolving and your life changing as you apply and start taking the lessons.

Mindvalley Reviews

So what is the word on the streets about Mindvalley? Is it all hype and no substance, or is it worth the accolades? The user reviews about Mindvalley is a mix of satisfactory and not-so-satisfactory. But the former far outweighs the latter. While most learners deem it "the best thing to happen to their lives," a disgruntled few are appalled by the poor customer service.

A user complained bitterly about being repeatedly ignored after lodging several complaints about her programs not being activated despite enrolling. In her words, "as a consumer, how can you trust a company, let alone course when you are not even acknowledged"— packs a punch!

However, Mindvalley takes accountability for these few and far between complaints and directs all grievances to their support channel, where they promise a prompt response.

On the bright side — for about 90% of users, Mindvalley is the missing puzzle that has completed their lives — Attracting praise for the exceptional course content, creators, and instructors. A thoroughly satisfied customer says:

"This platform is incredible. It has opened my heart and my mind. I am super excited about what is to come next in my life."

Pros of Mindvalley

  • Mindvalley is a "class like no other." Providing a medium for personal development by improving the mind, body, and spirit;
  • It is an open platform that is accessible to everyone; Offers several free life-changing courses;
  • It is packed with reputable instructors who are experts in their various fields;
  • The quality of the video-based lessons is impressive, and the sessions are interactive;
  • Allows for team building, teamwork and networking through specialized quest communities;
  • Hosts several events aimed at fostering socialization and team bonding among the cohorts;
  • They offer amazing discounted rates for the paid courses; e.g. the All-Access Pass;
  • If you approach the courses with dedication and commitment, there is a 99% chance that your life will change for good;
  • Finally, you won't find a better personal development platform than Mindvalley.

Cons of Mindvalley

  • Results are not automatic; you have to be willing to change;
  • Requires mental devotion; you have to spare intellectual effort to digest the lessons and complete the exercises.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance

Marisa Peer provides personal transformational healing as she influences the creation of new empowering neural pathways in your mind. You discover the inherent power of new habits, thoughts, and emotions that will transform you into the person you've always wanted to be.

  • No. of Students enrolled: 23,682
  • Time frame: 9 hours of training
  • Price: $449 ($599 all access)

Be Extraordinary

Bid farewell to mediocrity and embrace your mind's fullest potential. Vishen Lakhiani teaches you how to break free from a mediocre mind to reach the peak of your growth and become who you really want to be.

  • No. of students enrolled: 10,304
  • Time frame: 8.2 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

The M word

With this course, every misconception you hold about meditation will fly out of the window because Emily Fletcher will make sure of this. As she teaches the authentic essence of the act, you will finally experience the true beauty of meditation

  • No. of students enrolled: 280,952
  • Time frame: 9 hours of training
  • Price: $349 ($599 All Access)


Imagine being able to learn and remember basically everything in record time. Well, you can transform this imagination into reality with the Superbrain quest as Jim Kwik helps you to uncover the limitless potential of your brain.

  • No. of students enrolled : 2,455,622
  • Time Frame: 8.5 hours training
  • Price: $449 ($599 All Access)

Super Reading

Learn how to read and absorb words with lightning speed. Jim Kwik employs neurostimulation techniques to trigger participants' memory retention and speed reading. With this course, your reading and learning speed is guaranteed to double within 21 days

  • No. of students enrolled: 177,307
  • Time Frame: 8. 5 hours of training
  • Price: $349 ($599 All Access

The Habit of Ferocity

Low-productivity days and brain-fog moments will become a hazy dream upon completing this quest. Steven Kotler is the expert peak performance trainer, and under his tutelage, your brain will assume a constant state of growth and productivity.

  • No.of students enrolled: 10,304
  • Time frame: 5.5 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

The Longevity blueprint

Ever suffered from depleted energy levels despite being physically fit? The longevity program provides the solution to this. Ben Greenfield Combines innovative body performance science with time-tested and age-long cultural traditions to give you the secret to a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

  • No. of students enrolled: 9,300
  • Time frame: 18 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Uncompromised Life

This program walks you through Marisa Peer's acclaimed transformational hypnotherapy process for inspiring an in-depth and life-long change in your inner programming and in your life.

  • No. of students enrolled : 1,577,158
  • Time Frame: 5.5 hours of training
  • Price : $399 ($599 All Access)

Live By Your Own Rules

The co-founder of Mindvalley, author and instructor, Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani says you can live your life on your own terms without bowing to societal pressure and social conditioning. By joining her class, you will find out how.

  • No. of students enrolled: 10,304
  • Time frame: 9.6 hours of training
  • Price: $299 ($599 All Access)

The Mastery of Sleep

Sleep is an integral function of the human body system, but sometimes external factors like stress can interfere with the process. The sleep doctor Master Breus teaches you how to take full and healthy control of your sleeping pattern and habits.

  • No. of students enrolled: 10,304
  • Time Frame: 5. 5 hours of training
  • Price : $449 ($599 All Access)


Duality teaches the power of the energetic side of the dual body and how it can help you function optimally in the world. Jeffrey Ellen unravels the purity of your aura for a healthier and more energetic life.

  • No. of students enrolled: 979,983
  • Time Frame: 16 hours of training
  • Price: $299 ($599 All Access)

The Silva Ultramind System

Reawaken your human consciousness by unleashing your mind's fullest potential. With Joe Silva and Vishen Lakhiani, you will learn how to use and capitalize on this.

  • No. of students enrolled: 150,000
  • Time Frame: 12 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Life Visioning Mastery

Spiritual teacher, Michael Beckwith teaches you how to find your true purpose as ordained by the universe. If you are not satisfied with the direction your life is headed, this course illuminates a better path for you.

  • No. of students enrolled: 3,751
  • Time frame: 7.5 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Speak and Inspire

Lisa Nichols shows you how to take command of your audience through persuasive speaking and communication. In this course, you will learn how to speak and communicate effectively.

  • No. of students enrolled: 7,331
  • Time Frame: 6 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Money EQ

Realizing your dream of achieving financial freedom, wealth, and prosperity is just a click away from Ken Honda's class. Learning from Japan's most influential money teacher is the ultimate way to improve your relationship with money.

  • No. of students enrolled: 2,188
  • Time Frame: 3.6 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Hero, Genius, Legend

Robin Sharma will take you on a fascinating ride that chronicles the habits, thought patterns, and models of reality that today's legendary leaders embody. At the end of the ride, you will be a step away from becoming one yourself.

  • No. of students rolled: 249,000
  • Time frame: 12 hours of training
  • Price : $549 ($599 All Access)

The Quest For Personal Mastery

One of the world's renowned MBA lecturers, Srikumar Rao teaches you how to confront adversities with confidence by tapping into the extraordinary powers within you to achieve complete mastery of yourself and your potential.

  • No. of students enrolled: 4,300
  • Time Frame: 6 hours of training
  • Price : $449 ($599 All Access)

Mastering Authentic Networking

The world runs on a nexus of connections, and Keith Ferazzi understands this perfectly. In his class, you will learn how to build a powerful and authentic network of personal and global connections

  • No. of students enrolled: 150,000
  • Time frame: 4.5 hours of training
  • Price: $399 ($599 All Access)

Conscious Parenting Mastery

Explore the unprecedented model of parenting that revolves around the parent, the child, and the inner child with Dr. Shefali Tsabari. At the end of this course, you will go home with a fresh insight into the best way to nurture and love your child.

  • No. of students enrolled: 116,200
  • Time frame: 8 hours of training
  • Price : $449 ($599 All Access)

Conscious Uncoupling

Effortlessly disengage from the devastating clutches of grief that is associated with the loss of love or heartbreak. Learn how to break free from negative relationship patterns and let love into your heart again — with Katherine Woodward Thomas.

  • No. of students enrolled: 10,304
  • Time frame: 7 hours of training
  • Price : $399 ($599 All Access)

The Energies of Love

Donna Eden and David Feinstein are energy medicine professionals that will teach you the art of loving and connecting with your partner's energy to foster a healthy, intimate, and nurturing relationship with each other.

  • No. of students enrolled: 16,161
  • Time Frame: 10 hours of training
  • Price : $399 ($599 All Access)

Little Humans

Not a course per se, but a membership program. The little humans is a community of parents looking to become better parents to their little ones. It is anchored by Renee Airya and Akhira Chan, and other world-class trainers. By becoming a member, you will get access to 17.5 hours of training that is built around transformational parenting.

Conclusion: Are Mindvalley courses worth it?

Mindvalley courses are worth your time and money. It is a lifetime investment that provides inestimable and valuable "returns in empowerment" — The lessons will accompany you for life and live in your heart for eternity.

Furthermore, the instructors are people who have garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience in their specific fields, so you know your mind and brain are in the best hands.

The Mindvalley quests are for everyone, even for those who are already happy with their lives. If you seek to change your life's trajectory in an extraordinary way, then the Mindvalley quests are a must-try

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