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About this Course

Matched betting is a strategy that uses a betting exchange to bet against sports outcomes. This allows you to cover all outcomes of a bet by betting FOR an outcome on a bookmaker & also AGAINST an outcome on a betting exchange. Example: You place a £10 bet for England to Win on Ladbrokes & a £10 bet AGAINST England to Win on Smarkets (A Betting Exchange) There are 100's of betting sites offering huge bonuses for signing up! I'm going to teach you the strategy that covers all the outcomes of a sports bet to make it completely risk free! This is not "Gambling" or "Gambling Tips" this is a real strategy that allows to flexibly earn money each month. Perfect for students who can't work a part-time job but still need the extra cash. Enroll in my easy to understand course with live tutorials on exactly what to do & within 1-2 hours you can be making a profit, I'm not kidding. I've been doing matched betting for a little over 3 years now & its probably my favorite side hustle. Mainly because I enjoy beating the bookies at their own game plus its literally free money. @connorhustle