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Keynote - Presentations on Apple Mac

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What you'll learn

  • Create engaging presentations on your Mac

  • Add animations to objects to make them come to life

  • Create multiple slide types with ease

  • Add text, pictures, videos and shapes to your presentation.

  • Mac OS X tips and tricks to improve speed and efficiency

  • Gain confidence in delivering presentations

About this Course

This Apple Keynote course is designed to bring you through all the stages of creating a keynote presentation that you will be proud to show and confident enough to stand and deliver.

This course is ideal for anyone who aspires to create presentations that can be either delivered to an audience or to be exported to video format.

You will create a presentation following the step by step video tutorials. We will learn how to enter multiple slide types and learn the different types of slides that are available for selection.

In this course we will cover the following topics

Slide selection - You will select slides based on the content that you need to include.

Entering text in slides- you will learn how to enter and format text in slides and text boxes

Enter and edit pictures on slides.

Create tables and charts to display data in an easy to view format.

Add animations to objects and text to make them stand out within the presentation.

Apply transitions to slides so that each slide looks like it merges with the next with ease

Run a presentation on a screen, projector or monitor

Export a presentation or part of a presentation to video format

You will also learn how to share a presentation so that you can allow others to collaborate with you and to create one presentation.

At the end of this course you will be able to create a full presentation with Apple Keynote and deliver it with confidence.