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Questions about Robotics? Read the FAQ

Robotics Courses

Frequently asked questions about Robotics

What is Robotics?

Robotics is a science whose main objective is to develop knowledge and skills about computers, robots, software and other integrated systems. These circuits control not only the mechanical part, but also help the machines to make sequences of commands automatically.

What is Robotics for?

The manufacturing industry is probably the oldest and most known user of robots, which “work” to test and assemble products efficiently, such as cars and industrial equipment. It is estimated that there are more than three million industrial robots in use today.

But today several sectors use robotics for efficiency gain such as: medicine, physiotherapy, logistics and housing. Robotics can still help to build prostheses that allow people to get movements back that were lost in an accident.

How long does it take to learn Robotics?

There are specific, more introductory courses, with an average duration of 5 hours, which can serve as the first step to study the subject. There are even short courses that teach the assembly of small machines with a few days of dedication in online classes.

However, for more complex applications, more advanced knowledge of engineering and technology is required. In these cases, it is recommended to opt for a technical course or even a degree in the area.

Where should I start to learn Robotics?

Ideally, you should start learning concepts of physics, mathematics, mechanics and electronics. Understanding basic electronics and microcontrollers can be a good way to start your studies and carry out your first projects.

There are many online courses that combine several areas and teach the main concepts of robotics. So, for those who want to start studying the subject, it can be a good first step.