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Guitar Courses

Become a Guitar expert in 2021. Develop new skills in Guitar and more. Stay updated with the newest trends and techniques of Guitar

Questions about Guitar? Read the FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Guitar

Is it easy to learn the guitar?

Many people think that learning Guitar is difficult. Others think they don’t have the gift or are afraid of making mistakes and soon give up.

But this skill is within reach of everyone who loves music and wants to dedicate themselves to this passion. All you have to do is learn the right techniques for each level and practice a lot, especially with the rhythms you like the most.

How to learn to play the guitar alone step by step?

Learning to play Guitar with online courses is the best way. You learn with your own instrument and take classes whenever and wherever you want, so you can train, make mistakes and get it right as many times as you want.

But learning to play Guitar by yourself requires a little discipline: you need to take classes, follow instructions and practice regularly to consolidate the learning. Soon you will master this exciting instrument!

How long does it take to learn Guitar?

The time it takes to learn the Guitar is quite variable. Some people learn more quickly, others go through more difficulties.

But you can learn the first chords and initial concepts in a fast course, up to 10 hours of class, and already start practicing. You will already notice the evolution after the first practice. Then, improve the techniques in intermediate and advanced courses.

Where should I start learning Guitar?

To start learning Guitar, you must have some knowledge in musical theory, rhythms and mastery of the instrument, how to choose, how to tune, how to use the pick or fingers, and how to form the first chords. An introductory online course usually encompasses this knowledge so that you can start your career and play your first songs.