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Questions about Digital Marketing? Read the FAQ

Digital Marketing Courses

Frequently asked questions about Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a set of marketing strategies applied to digital media. It involves channels such as search engines (SEO), social media, websites, blogs, e-mails, applications, among others, with paid or organic strategies.

Digital Marketing strategies allow companies to reach a larger audience and get closer to consumers with interaction and personalization tools, so that they create a relationship with brands.

What is Digital Marketing for?

Digital Marketing strategies serve to highlight a brand in the digital environment, where consumers are researching, interacting and buying.

Digital Marketing is a necessity for companies in the Internet age. In these channels, they can increase their reach, create relationships with consumers, segment the target audience, generate more conversions, reduce marketing costs and measure all their actions.

How long does it take to learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a comprehensive area that requires knowledge in several channels and strategies. It is not something you will learn once and that’s it - you need to always be informed about news, tools and channels that arise at all times.

So you can start learning the basics of Digital Marketing in 3 or 4 months and then take specific courses in the areas you want to specialize in.

Where should I start learning Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing studies should start with the best known and comprehensive strategies such as SEO, social media, email marketing and content marketing. There is a lot of free content on the internet about it, but online courses and more complete training will give you the foundation you need to know everything about Digital Marketing.

Then you can move on to more specific channels and strategies, such as affiliate programs and growth hacking, that will take your Digital Marketing knowledge to a more advanced level.