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Questions about Data Mining? Read the FAQ

Data Mining Courses

Frequently asked questions about Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process used to extract data from a larger set of raw data and transform it into useful information. In practice, it involves analyzing data patterns in large batches of information using one or more pieces of software. Data mining has applications in various fields such as business, medicine, science and research.

What is Data Mining for?

Data Mining serves to collect and store data effectively. This type of activity helps companies learn more about their customers and develop more effective strategies related to various aspects of the business and, in turn, take advantage of information in a more optimized way.

On a daily basis, it can be used both to identify consumption patterns in a business and to analyze millions of data points from companies that work in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, education, medicine, among others. In addition, data mining serves to:

• Automatic predictions of patterns based on trend and behavior analysis; • Predictions based on probable results; • Creation of decision oriented information; • Focus on large data sets and databases for analysis; • Grouping based on discovery and groups of visually documented facts not previously known.

How long does it take to learn Data Mining?

To complete more introductory courses only takes a few hours. However, if the intention is to work with data mining in a company, it will take a lot of study and a few months to start working. This is an area where it is necessary to constantly update yourself through courses.

Where should I start to learn Data Mining?

There are some skills that are important in your learning process of Data Mining: comfort with a tool to manipulate data, basic notions of mathematics and statistics, clarity of thought and ability to structure the problem.

The best way is to start with short online courses to understand the subject little by little, since it is an area that requires a lot of learning. Over time, you can choose a niche market that you want to work in with the knowledge you acquired. From there, the search goes to more specific courses.