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Classpert Rewards Program: Earn money for every course you enroll in. Check terms and conditions

Reward your quest for knowledge! Earn coins for every course you enroll in*

Redeem your coins for instant cash rewards or gift cards for online course providers and bookstores

*In order to receive coins, your purchase needs to be tracked, which means that you need to be logged in before being redirected to the course provider's website.
Courses eligible for coins have a clear indication of a coin symbol(), as well as the amount it generates. To redeem your earnings, your balance needs to be at least $15 USD = 1500 coins

Buy a Course

Use Classpert to find and enroll in a course

Earn Coins

Each course you buy will give you a certain amount of coins 100 coins = 1 USD

Redeem your earnings!

Trade it for other courses or convert your coins to cash and transfer it to your Paypal account